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whitney benjamin

Whitney Benjamin Holum

I am the blonde behind Eat clean. Piss glitter: a healthy living approach colored with neon.

I am not a fitness guru.

I am a real woman with real curves, real cellulite and a donk for days.

I am a fiercely loyal mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

I am a former Division I athlete from UCLA, National Champion and retired European pro leaguer in the sport of softball.

I am a PCOS fighter.

I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis victor.

I am a woman who “beat” infertility without drugs.

I am a coffee lover and nightly wine drinker.

I am a haute mess.

I am a retired vegetarian.

I am a busy mom who just wants to look good, feel good and do good by myself and those I love.

I believe in laughter and honesty.

I am allergic to bullshit.

I am always sarcastic sometimes.

I am a paleo-ish bitch who wears lipstick AND deodorant.

primal lipstick

My health story

I have been through a lot of shit.

Being fit and healthy does not come easy for me. I have always been a muscular, dare I say, curvy athlete. I have always had a donk. My whole life. Donk living. And being thin is far outside the wants of my body.

I am like millions of other girls: I want to look “toned”. But more so, I want to feel good in my body, because I haven’t always.

Enough mush, let’s get real.

In 6th grade when I had to change for PE in front of other little beezies, my best friend Brittany taught me how to suck in my belly to look skinnier. (USELESS NOTE: We somehow acquired the nickname “Shittney twins” along the way.)

Then sometime in 7th grade they weighed us to see where we landed in the old sliding fat percentiles. I remember telling my friends “I weigh 115.” And my frienemy Jessica said, “Ohhh my god!!!” Then proceeded to grab my belly and say, “Hopefully one day this will go to your boobs!!” This was the terrible wretched ah-ha moment that triggered hatred for my body.

I stepped on that scale thinking nothing of my weight and stepped off questioning every bite.

I wouldn’t say I was anorexic, but since that day I have battled body dysmorphia. Somedays I win and somedays the crazy screams over my know better.

So I did what any rational hormonal pre-teen would do in my shoes. I started dieting. And I tried everything I could to “look good” from 7th grade until, well still I am still working on myself. I just have a healthier mindset today.

I’ve tried diet pills, hormones, starving myself until cheat day, binging, you name it. I’ve been there.

Somehow along the way ingesting a ton of sugar, toxins and crap I’ve developed insulin resistance and fun shit like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and infertility. All of which I battle everyday with sweat and self-love.

Every diagnosis took me to dark places.

Every diagnosis has and will be met with food, hope and love.

Fact is, with all of this shit, I have to be extremely careful with sugar. I pack on the pounds like it’s nobody’s business, and I would like to avoid becoming diabetic. So today I am very careful with my food and eat a pretty low carb diet composed of REAL FOOD. Meats, veggies, fruits, raw dairy and dark chocolate. When I stray from this path I usually find myself in a little battle with my unhealthy past.

Somedays I have to check myself and remember that each of these conditions will win some battles here and there, but I will win the war.

Fact remains. Food is medicine, though medicine has its place. This is my journey, my recipes and my sweat that allows the healthiest and HAPPIEST version of me. What works for me me or may not work for you. But what you can learn from me, is that there’s hope.

I hope you learn. I hope you laugh. And never stop either.

eat clean piss glitter

My current loves

Walking with Wubbas

A delightful and humanely raised sausage + sauerkraut

Keto ice cream

Buttered coffee


My philosophy

Food is medicine. Your gut and your response to insulin are the two most important aspects of your health. Getting them right will set you free.

Sweat is a nice compliment to your food but not the answer. Food first, sweat second.

I believe in kicking your own ass in short periods of time with great intensity. I believe in rest days. I believe in using your own bodyweight. I believe in walking. I believe in doing whatever it is that gets you to move a few times a week with a smile on your goddam face. (Maybe the smile is after the workout but nonetheless you enjoy it.)

Why eat clean. piss glitter.?

Don’t take me or my life, or you, or your life too seriously.

I have lost a lot of loved ones in my almost 30 years on this planet. If there is one thing they have taught me in their passing, it this:

Laugh and love with your whole heart everyday.Never take your health for granted. That means you are responsible for finding a way to sustain the healthiest version of yourself, both physically and emotionally.

So, basically my goal everyday is to be healthy and fabulous. Eat clean. Piss glitter. Rock the shit out of your days my friend.

x to the ohhhh 


5 Responses to about me

  1. molly eleen says:

    So thankful I found you blog. Very inspiring!

  2. Aubrey Hughes says:

    I purchased Eat Clean Piss glitter a while ago. And Ive since had that laptop stolen that had download. Can you send me a new link?
    Order Number: #00002 (placed on December 23, 2014 11:25AM EST)

  3. Dani Haralson says:

    GOD, YOU ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. Ilove that I fell upon your wonderful website because I google searched “piss glitter” (I’m a metal, goth unicorn queen) and this popped up.

    I also was a very competitive athlete – competing in college basketball on scholarship. I was diagnosed (I’ve always had issues…) with Celiacs about 7 years ago. I got it under control, but I had my first daughter a year ago – and every since then, I’m a walking disaster. I was already immune deficient before, then after I had her it just got really rough. Now its really triggered by stress.

    Anyway, love this site! Keep being a magical, boss bitch!

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