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Program Review: Baby Knows Best (an intro to first foods)


baby led food weaning

review! baby knows best :: an intro to first foods

You may remember the lovely Carley of Oh Baby Nutrition from my previous post of her. If not, take a gander, she is amazing. I love literally anything she touches because she does so with knowledge, compassion and beauty. Beauty in that everything she creates is really well done AND thoughtful. So, I have been STALKING her for the release of Baby Knows Best (an intro to first foods), and it is FINALLY HERE.

Here’s the thing, I received it in my inbox today, already read through everything and watched the video, and again I am SO impressed. Carley, you have my heart.

And, you should know I am not receiving any type of compensation for this post. She gracefully gifted me the guide and is so kindly offering all of my readers.


intro to solidsWhat I loved

  • Super easy to read
  • Relatable
  • Beautiful to look at
  • Her voice is wonderful and soothing on the video
  • The 40-minute video explains SO SO much and so well done
  • An amazing place for ANYONE to start regardless of your food knowledge, beliefs, etc.
  • She makes you feel like you are simply evolving your baby, and not shaming you for whatever you may have previously believed
  • She makes a SUPER compelling case for baby led food weaning

What I want more of

  • All of her recipes
  • One on one time with her (I want to be her real life friend. If I lived in Vancouver, I would just sit at her house and raid her fridge.)

baby food weaningBaby Led Food Weaning

What is it? Exactly as it sounds, the baby is in charge of eating food as he/she is ready. Baby eats what you eat, basically. You want to avoid purees and allow the baby to eat a mixture of soft finger foods. ALL OF WHICH, Carlie explains beautifully in her guide. We do actually do some purees with Teddy bear, but for the most part, he eats what I eat.

“In short, Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is skipping thin and runny purées and not feeding your baby with a spoon. Baby Led Weaning means offering your baby (age appropriate) foods that are soft-cooked and cut or mashed into small easily manageable pieces.” (source)


intro to solid foodsBottom Line

If you are pregnant, want to have babies, have a small baby who will soon be thinking of solids, you need this guide in your life. Purchase it, download it, save it and thank me later. I really, really, REALLY wish I had this when Wynston was born. We did not do the baby led food weaning way of eating, and he is the PICKIEST man you ever did meet. Teddy on the other hand is 8 months old and will eat basically anything, ANY GODDAM thing you put in front of him.

Carley is being super generous and gifting my readers 10% using the code “glitter” at checkout. Friend, her guide is worth it full price. And then some. Trust me, solid foods are more daunting than breastfeeding or even sleep training, when you are clueless. Get her guide.

babies know best

an intro to first foods

x to the ohhh,


baby led food weaning

How I got my body back after baby number two!

You know what really chaps my ass? When someone says I am SO lucky that I did not gain a ton of weight during pregnancy. Or that I am SO lucky that breastfeeding has gotten the baby weight off. While I realize genetics has a hand in how our bodies grow, change, react and adapt, I have some good genes, but mostly I WORK FOR MY BODY.  And yes, my mom blessed me with a big booty, and a small waist. I used to hate my butt. Hate it. I used to loathe my itty bitty naturally skinny friends. And then I found a way to be happy, and embrace my curves. But here’s the thing, while I embrace my body whole heartedly, I also work MY ASS OFF to feel good in my body. Yes, I work my ass off to appreciate my ASS.

I swear this rant has a point, and the point is, I am not lucky. It is not a coincidence that I feel good seven months after having my second baby. I worked my ass off to feel that way. So, today I thought I would share with you the top reasons I was able to get back to my pre-baby body without luck, but with good old fashioned work ethic.

Body After BabyMy Top Tips for Getting Your Body Back after BABY!

  1. I took care of myself and did not indulge while I was pregnant. Here’s the thing, I know women have cravings and this, that and the other thing, but when you eat real food, you crave the nutrients you and the babe really need. So, yes, I am being a super uber bitchy snob and this one, I did not use my pregnancy as a reason to overindulge, or say ahhhh I will lose the weight later. I just could not. I am sorry my loves, I am. I know you are preggers and you DO deserve that cookie, you do. (Read: What to Eat While You are Pregnant)
  2. I was patient and kind to myself. What I have learned in the past 10 years of what I consider “biohacking” my way to health is that there is no such thing as change over night. Hell, there really isn’t change over a month. It takes months and months to sustain the change you really, truly, deeply seek to SUSTAIN. So, I try to attack my diet and fitness with a kaizen like approach, small steps, small change overtime leading to big change. If you are not paying attention it seems like a drastic change occurs, but really, lots of small steps have been taken to achieve that BIG change we all seem to crave. (Read: Be Kind to Your Pregnant Body)
  3. I surrendered to the moments that overwhelmed me. It’s funny because a lot of my friends and family think I live in the gym. I don’t. And when I am there I workout for MAYBE 25 minutes. Maybe. And I am MAYBE there 4 times a week. MAYBE. I just do not have the time, nor the energy. And, you should NEVER force a workout. Surrender to what your body and small children need the most. Surrender. (Read: Surrender and Make Coconut Chicken) 
  4. I moved when I was pregnant. I walked hills every single day. It kept me sane and in shape, I believe. I even created a prenatal workout program for myself, WHICH I hope to share soon! (Read: Walk and I don’t Feel Like Moving My Body At All) 
  5. I rebuilt my body slowly, and what I believe to be smartly. When I was cleared to workout again, I went to the gym on average I would say 4 times a week, and completed 25 – 30 minute workouts. I was entirely focused on building strength from my core outwards. Meaning, I focused on building strength from the inside out, utilizing bodyweight workouts and eventually HIIT intervals and calisthenics. I chose movements that made me stabilize my core and activate the transverse abdominis muscle (I did a mini instagram blog post on this, check my feed for a plank.). Planks, ab roll outs and myoatic crunches are my jam. Let me tell you though, that first workout when I could do MAYBE one pushup from my knees was extremely humbling. I am still rebuilding strength seven months postpartum, and that is something we need to remember as new moms, our bodies went through a lot and will take time to rebuild and regain strength. That is OKAY. Don’t kill yourself on day one, week one of your postpartum workouts. This is the time you need to have the most patience and kindness for yourself. Again, surrender. (PS I do have a workout plan that is composed of the workouts I do, and I share my workouts on Instagram.)
    1. I eat real food. And I am pretty obsessive with the quality of my food. I made a conscious decision with everything I ate while I was pregnant and after I gave birth. Everything I eat is basically outlined in my book and my cleanse, but here are the cheat notes:
  • High quality meat, like we are talking the best most humanely raised meats as possible, if they are not possible I do not eat them. And, I eat meat maybe once or twice a week. MORE ON this topic later.
  • Fermented foods every single day. Kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir and kvass Mostly from the Happy Pantry! I am convinced their beet kvass changed my life for the better. (An entire post is coming soon on THIS as well.)
  • Raw dairy as much as I crave, I get mine from a food club which gets it from an Amish farm
  • Veggies as much as I would like
  • Fruit, not a ton but I eat what I like
  • Protein pancakes, primal lactation and paleoish bacon cookies (coming soon)

IMG_1195 2

Me and Teddy 6 months postpartum

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


That’s it. I eat real food. That is the #1 weapon. I eat foods my body can DIGEST and then use for energy and nutrients and avoids storing them as fat. For the most part. At the end of the day what matters the most in your food is quality, quantity and consistency. Do not ask me how many calories I eat in a day, because I have no clue. All I know is I eat the real food that I crave. Nothing is really out of bounds, but quality is super important to me.

So, those are the behaviors that got me back to where I want to be. While I would like to add some more muscle. I continue to be kind and patient with myself. The reality is, I have two small children, two-three-ish jobs and big dreams and not enough hours in the day. So I do what I can. But, I do not negotiate on feeding my family and myself the most real foods as possible, and I get myself to move. Not everyday, and not for hours on end. I move for minutes, and in those minutes I am focused. There’s really no secret, just the desire to maintain sanity. To me sanity is a healthy thriving body. Because I have simply felt what it is like to feel shitty in my skin, so feeling really good is a matter of emotional well being.

body before and after baby

Be good and kind to you.

x to the ohh, Whitters

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Interview with Oh Baby Nutrition!


You guys! I have the best post for you today.

I have been stalking following Carley of Oh Baby Nutrition for quite sometime now and I am obsessed with her beautiful spirit, and sheer knowledge when it comes to women’s health, really. But specifically focusing on the needs of momma and baby. You will all love her! She is SUCH a wealth of information so please check out her website and follow her on the insta-machine!

I really love her philosophy – we tend to have very similar ideals (EAT FAT) and agree on one very important thing, every person, every woman is so vastly different that there is no such thing as ONE perfect diet. I love that everything she does appears to be coated in love, and if I had found her maybe four or five years ago, I’d be on Skype with her everyday trying to figure out what I could do to live a better life and hopefully get myself knocked up.

Oh, and she’s Canadian, which makes her pretty amazing. She is likely the classiest most wonderful thing that has ever graced this blog!

So ENJOY! xo

Interview with Carley of Oh Baby Nutrition!

Can you give us just a quick bio and tell us how you came to be involved in such a wonderful area of health and wellness for females during their childbearing years?

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and I specialize in naturally nourishing mama & baby through fertility, pregnancy  & postpartum. The pregnancy and birth of my son deeply reinforced my devotion to help other women thrive during their childbearing years. Proper nutrition is essential for both mother and baby, but figuring out what that means can be very confusing. By combining the wisdom of traditional cultures with the findings of modern science, I hope to empower women with knowledge and confidence.

If you could give women who are trying to conceive just one piece of advice when it comes to the role nutrition and conception play, what would it be?

“Preparing your body nutritionally for conception is one of the most important things that you can do for your child’s future.”

The type of diet you have before and during your pregnancy directly influences your child’s lifelong susceptibility to disease, and even permanently affects their appetite, metabolism, intellect and temperament. By providing your body with highly nourishing foods, and avoiding those that reduce fertility, you can increase your ease of conception and give your baby the healthiest start possible.

All traditional cultures had sacred fertility foods and they went to great lengths to see that women were fed a highly nutritious diet prior to conception. They knew that this would result in babies with higher intellect and greater immunity, so they saw it as essential to the strength of their future tribe. This sacred wisdom isn’t passed down generation after generation like it was then.

nurtition for women

What are your favorite pregnancy foods?

Every woman is different and her nutritional needs will be too. Each pregnancy comes with its unique set of cravings and aversions. Generally speaking though, during pregnancy I recommend lots of protein, healthy fats, traditionally fermented probiotic rich foods, water and bone broth throughout. My favourite nutrients to focus on for each trimester are:

1st trimester: Colourful vegetables and dark leafy greens for micronutrients and folate.
2nd trimester: Iron rich foods (like grass fed beef) to support blood volume expansion.
3rd trimester: Plant based calcium (like beet greens), vitamin D & omega 3 rich foods (like wild salmon) to support skeletal growth, brain development, and to help mama build her stores for breastfeeding.

Any books or resources you recommend for women looking to become pregnant or who currently are pregnant?

For birth: the classic, Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth (<<ME  TOO, ME TOO!!), can’t be beat. It encourages women to trust in the ancient wisdom of their bodies during the birth process.

For nutrition: my favorite read is Beautiful Babies by Kristen Michaelis. It’s brilliant.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.45.50 PM

You mentioned on Instagram that saturated fats in particular are super important for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, can you elaborate on that?

Fat is so misunderstood in general, but saturated fat in particular. Healthy fat is one of the most nourishing things we can consume for our reproductive system. Too much unhealthy fat and/or not enough healthy fat is a leading cause of infertility. As a guide, stick with naturally saturated fats such as coconut oil, pasture raised butter or ghee. Monounsaturated fats like extra virgin olive oil, and avocado oil. Polyunsaturated Omega 3’s from fish. Steer clear of industrial seed oil and artificially saturated fats including “heart healthy” margarine and vegan butter spreads.


I was so moved by your birth story! Do you have any short winded advice for women embarking on a natural birth?

Thank you! I’d say…. Educate yourself. Educate yourself. Educate yourself. Choose a birth team that is aligned with your philosophies and who will advocate for you during the birthing process. Remember that your health care providers work for you! Ask questions like: are there any interventions, mediations or procedures that are standard protocol or mandatory in your practice? Or, in what situation is delayed cord clamping not possible? I switched providers half way through my pregnancy because I realized that my midwife’s governing body had certain restrictions that could get in the way being able to have the birth that I wanted. I chose to birth in my home with the support of a Traditional Birth Attendant and it was the single most empowering experience of my life.

Can we Americans work with you? If so, how can we get in touch with your programs?

Yes! I Skype with clients from all over the world. I also have a very exciting launch coming up next month to nourish fertility, pregnancy and postpartum women… The Mama Cleanse: 10 days to reclaim your health. Think less deprived detox and more giving your eating habits the old clean sweep.

Any parting words you wish every woman in her childbearing years could know?

My very favorite quote from the one & only, Ina May Gaskin,

“Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body.”

oh baby

Wow. I loveeee that so much, and I too am in love with Ina May Gaskin!

Thank you so much to the beautiful Carley Mendes, it’s an honor to have you here sharing your light.

x to the ohhh,


Teddy Benjamin’s Birth Story: A natural hospital birth

40 weeks pregnant blonde

I loved reading birth stories during my pregnancy with Teddy. With Wynston, I was clueless. Stupid and clueless. I did not want to know how he came out, I was going to have drugs so it really did not matter. Wynston’s birth experience was by no means terrible, it just felt so clinical looking back on it. It was not about him and I, it was about starting the birth process, accelerating it and getting him out. With Teddy, I knew I wanted it to be more special. I wanted him to be born free of any medication and I wanted to feel the rush of my own hormones as they laid him on my chest for the first time. Boy did I ever. Sure, before he arrived, things got primal. Primal as fuck, are the words my best friend Savannah and I use to describe the labor and delivery of little Teddy. But once he was out, the love and admiration I had for him was out of this world. You really cannot put it into words, that was primal too, but of the happy kind.

full moon baby

Teddy’s birth story really started the night before. The full moon was approaching, and for some hippy reason I knew he would be born the next night, once the full moon had fully appeared. That day Wynston and I went to brunch at our favorite little cafe where he gets a butter croissant and I get a side of bacon and a dry cappuccino. I laid out while he napped, I cleaned the house and had just a wonderful day. That evening when Alex got home I started to not feel too great, not terrible, but just kind of queasy, headache and tired. We had already had a couple false labor alarms so I really had no desire to say anything until shit got real. Then I suddenly had a burst of energy and decided to dance with my Wubbas to “Shake it Out” by Florence + the Machine, it literally started raining as we danced, and I am pretty sure this got Teddy out. Wynston loved dancing with me in my last few weeks of pregnancy. Such sweet little moments together. This is the video of us dancing together. It’s out of focus, but still amazing. Literally my heart melts a little more every time I watch this.

After dinner, I started having the breathless contractions I had had for weeks, we watched some TV and around 10pm I thought I should just go to bed. By 10:30, the contractions started to get painful. Not unbearable just painful enough where I could not sleep or lay down, so I went outside for about 30 minutes and just walked back and forth under the full moon. We swayed, we danced, we walked and then I went inside to tell Alex shit was real (Teddy and I were the we…). At this point I was trying to decide if I should text my friend Savannah, who agreed to be my doula since the ones I interviewed were just not my style.

My best friend and I at 1:00am on the dot under the full moon and headed to the hospital.

She is SUCH an amazing friend, she researched her role extensively, knew my birth plan and made it her mission to keep me on track (more on that later…bitch got real on me.) I text her to see if she was awake, and she’s always awake so we were good. I told her things might be getting real and I was going to get into the shower. After the shower, I was in pain every 3 minutes and knew it was time to call my mom and dad so someone could come and stay with Wynston. Savannah came over to wait for my dad and brother, so Alex and I headed to the hospital. First I made him stop at 7-11 to get me a chocolate coconut water, since I knew I was in for a long night and those things are so effing delicious with at least a good dose of electrolytes. It turned out to be the ONLY thing I wanted in labor. No food, no water, just chocolate coconut water. (I still want them constantly by the way.)

As we were on the freeway I really did not understand why Alex was going so slow (probably about 75), and these contractions were really painful, but I was able to breathe through them. I was not able to communicate to Alex how annoyed I was that it felt like we were being passed by the empty cars on the road. We finally made it to the hospital around 1:30am and they got me into a triage room to see where I was at. I met my nurse (who I never became a fan of) and she sent us walking for an hour because I was only at about 2-3 centimeters.

This hour sucked. I was trying everything in the waiting room, and on the teeny tiny patio to get comfortable and was just miserable. My dad almost lost his right eye when in the middle of a contraction, he tried to show the tree i was dangling from (hubs) a YouTube video. He clearly had not read any of the books that said do not distract the woman while she is coping with a contraction. I love my dad, but at this moment, he almost died.

After moaning around the ridiculously uncomfortable waiting room, I needed a bed. So we went back to my little tiny bed and I laid on my side to get through the contractions for a bit.


This is me trying to survive a contraction, and this is my husband asleep on my foot while we were still in triage

And then. My midwife came in. Andrea. Andrea is an angel. It’s like she knew I was there to birth a small child, where as my nurse thought I had a stomach ache. Andrea went over my birth plan with me and was totally on board to keep things natural and to help me go that route. She was a dream and I instantly felt better knowing she would deliver me. She checked me and I was at about 4 centimeters and ready for a room.

We finally got into my room, no idea what time it was at this point, all I know is it took them about an hour, two nurses and four holes to get the IV in my hand. That was really fun to labor through.

Then. Shit. Got. Real. (If you are squeamish, stop reading now.)

I remember moments of my labor vividly, like laying on my side with a death grip on the side of the bed trying to breathe through a contraction. Or my nurse pressing the heart rate monitor against my belly mid contraction and me literally having to scream and restrain myself from not scissor kicking her in the face. I tried being on all fours. Nope, absolutely not, that little man would have shot out of my ass, I knew it. Or my friend tickling my head and it just feeling like Heaven. Or my husband just standing there like a tree as I dangled on him through contractions. And my mom squeezing my hand and throwing my mala beads on me while I was pushing.

This labor was intense. I definitely went a little into panic mode because I just did not know how much longer this would go on, and how much more I could take. I kept asking my little team for drugs, to which they ignored because I never threw out the safe word. Looking back, I think just the idea of having an epidural helped me cope with contractions because it was a naughty little treat I COULD have if I really really wanted to. I was like a crack addict asking my friends for the goods. When I finally felt like, fuck this shit, I am so done, I am going to die, I dropped the safe words. PS when you get to this point, you are likely in transition, so HANG THE FUCK ON!

I first asked my husband if he thought I was a loser if I got an epidural, and he said something like, “I don’t think you need it, you can do this, but it’s okay if you want it.” Then I looked to Savannah, my ride or die bitch, and I said our safe word, “Peanut butter, friend. I give up. Do you think I can get drugs?” To which my rockstar friend replied, “Well, that’s not what we’re here to do, but you can do whatever you want!” Then she went on to reassure me that I was likely in a ton of pain and giving up because my body was getting really, really close and just made a ton of progress. Holy shit this is exactly what I needed to hear, and exactly why she was my doula. And my best friend. And my sister.

I think I got back into bed at this point, laid on my side and my body started pushing the baby down during each contraction. So Savannah ran to get the nurse because it felt like that baby was about to come out. The midwife came in and I told her I was scared and wanted a little numbing, and she said something like any drugs would affect the baby, so we could do an epidural. But the way she said it also reassured me that it wasn’t the right thing to do, and I would be fine. She checked me and I think I was at an 8. And she never left my side from this point on until the baby was born. She made me sit on the toilet to open my pelvis through three contractions and she had her hands on my legs, coached my breathing and just was so wonderful. She kept telling me how beautifully I was laboring and that baby was coming out very soon. When she told me that she got off in a half hour and that she wanted to meet this baby, that must’ve opened my cervix the rest of the way because within minutes I was ready to push.

I got back into bed and this is where things really got primal as fuck. Pushing was a relief, but it was also SO incredibly taxing and painful. Enough so that my midwife said to me, “Now I know it probably feels really good to scream, but try channeling that energy into your push.” So I zipped up my mouth and did just that. I don’t remember how long I pushed, all I knew is that I felt everything from his head, to her hand pulling and turning him and suddenly she said, “Okay, here grab your baby!” What? It’s out?

Oh my god, hi baby, hi hi hi I LOVE YOU!!! OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!  HI BABY!!!!!

Best moment of my life I think. I was SO happy, and I actually felt my body and soul just need that small little nugget. He was finally home on my chest. We survived.

I could not have done this without my husband, my mom and my best friend. They all served different roles in Teddy’s delivery but I needed each of them. I am so thankful to have been blessed with such an amazing midwife as well. She just really helped me get the birth I really, really wanted and I am so thankful. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU.

If I were to do it all again, which I do not plan on doing, I would maybe have a home birth or at a small birthing center with a tub, I just could not get comfortable in the hospital and really surrender to my contractions the way I wanted to. But then again, I would not have had the amazing Andrea, so who knows!

Happy Two Week Birthday Teddy, Mommy loves you!!

Enjoy these photos shot by my Wonder Woman, Savannah Rose.

Camera 7-8-15 231

Camera 7-8-15 236

Camera 7-8-15 237_bw

Camera 7-8-15 250_bw

Camera 7-8-15 252_bw

Camera 7-8-15 255

Camera 7-8-15 262

Camera 7-8-15 266

Camera 7-8-15 263

Camera 7-8-15 265

Camera 7-8-15 274

Camera 7-8-15 285

Camera 7-8-15 286

Camera 7-8-15 287_bw

Camera 7-8-15 289


Camera 7-8-15 290_bw

Camera 7-8-15 291

Camera 7-8-15 293

Camera 7-8-15 296

Camera 7-8-15 298

Camera 7-8-15 297

Camera 7-8-15 299
Camera 7-8-15 300

Camera 7-8-15 301

What to Eat When You are Pregnant (and not feel like a gorilla)

pregnancy diet

So first off, I am not a nutritionist, nor a doctor. These are my personal beliefs based off of years of diet research and experimentation, and two very healthy pregnancies. Keep that in mind as you read through and wonder if this is right for you. I simply get asked a lot: What do you eat, how do you workout while you are pregnant? You are not swollen, what’s your secret? So today, I thought I would share.

If you are in your early pregnancy, you are at the super vulnerable stage. You are googling everything, wondering if it’s okay to eat this or that, how to avoid gaining too much weight, and simply trying to figure out how you will keep this small child you are now harvesting alive. You are already gaining weight, but no one knows you’re pregnant so you just feel chubby and irritated. I have been there my friend. My body put on a good 5 pounds in the first 2ish weeks of both of my pregnancies. Both times I had no idea I was pregnant, and both times I had a meltdown over it. So to you I say, sugar, it’s gonna be alright. Those 9 pounds you’ve already gained are totally okay. Take a breath. Get some flowy clothes that make you feel pretty and just know that this phase will pass quickly. If I could hug you, I would.

pregnant plank

34 Weeks. Still Planking.

The good news is, you are in good hands and I am about to give you my bestest tips for eating and not turning into a whale while you are prego.

Before we start, in case you want some info about my body:

Weight Gained: With my first pregnancy I gained a total of 25 pounds, eating this way. I am 34 weeks pregnant now and have gained 20 pounds thus far. I feel like I will likely hit 25 again in the next 6 weeks. We see!

Weird Cravings: Not really any… I guess I wanted Pop Tarts my first pregnancy, but none this second go around.

Ailments: First pregnancy, nada. Second pregnancy, just a few spider veins in my right leg, but this is due to my hips being out of alignment BEFORE I done and got knocked up. I have had no heart burn, no gestational diabetes, no constipation. All is good.

pregnant camel pose

Pregnant Camel

What and How to Eat While Pregnant

I think my simplest (and most powerful) secret is that I nourish my body, and try my best to listen to it. I do not follow an exact requirement or intake of certain foods, I simply have evolved my body into a way of eating that allows me to actually crave the nutrients I need.

I listen to my body and what it needs.

How? Here’s are my top tips for nourishing your body and that little monkey inside for a healthy pregnancy.

healthy pregnancy

1. Eat. Eat Real Food.

I will not lie to you, no pregnant woman wants to gain the weight. We despise it, Even though it is for the baby and yadda yadda yadda. Show me a woman who loves feeling like she is fat, and I will bake you cookies every month for a year, for the rest of my life. I digressed. Anyhow. You have to EAT and EAT REAL FOOD while you are pregnant. In my first pregnancy this took me a minute to be okay with. I kind of yo-yo’d with weight the first few months because I did not want to get TOO fat. Mistake. Huge Mistake. I literally would try not to eat “too much” all day, and then binge at dinner because I was hungry, and my baby needed nutrients. It was not until I really fell into the primal way of life in 2nd trimester did I really start to feel good in my own skin, and thrive.

Don’t be me. Eat when you are hungry, until you are full.

pregnant plank

8 months Plank Hold

2. Try the Weston Price (WAPF) or Primal Lifestyle on for Size

In a nutshell this is how I eat:

  • Clean meats (humanely raised, pasture-raised, grass-fed, organic, etc.). Everyday.
  • Good fats. Grass-fed/Pastured/Raw/Organic Butter or Ghee. Avocados. Coconut oil. Coconut butter. Avocado oil. Olive oil. Bacon. Every damn day.
  • Eggs (organic + pasture raised) Everyday. Plus I add raw yolks to smoothies. Yep. Raw. Yolks.
  • Raw milk organic and pasture raised. Almost everyday. I craved it a lot in the first trimester and it helped soothe any morning sickness I had. SWEAR!
  • Grass-fed cheeses and yogurts (for the most part they are raw, organic AND pasture raised). Almost everyday. The last trimester I wanted yogurt every day. Like a bad habit.
  • Eat some greens and a dash fruit. Almost everyday.
  • Nuts. A few times a week/ish.
  • Indulge when you feel the urge. Like a fucking turkey grinder on white bread with Doritos from Gourmet Baggers. Errrmm like once a week, maybe more, maybe not at all some weeks.

So I really have fallen in love with this way of life. It keeps my weight rather effortlessly on point, and better yet, I just feel so amazing in my own skin. Here are the exact pregnant and nursing diet recommendations from the Weston A. Price Foundation. I do not follow these guidelines exactly, for one, I cannot be bothered to eat exactly this many eggs, or that much butter or whatever. That way of eating does not work for me, and by that way, I mean the measure every bite of food, regimented way if that makes sense. I think this is a super helpful recommendation for someone just starting out in this lifestyle, but once your body gets used to this level of nourishment, you can listen to your body for what it needs!  I swear. It’s fucking life changing.

prenatal yoga

3. Build your plate with Fat, Then Meat, Then Greens, Then Maybe Fruit or Tubers

Seriously start with fat.

The most important nutrients (Vitamins A, D, E and K) our bodies need are FAT SOLUBLE meaning they need fat in order to be assimilated and used in our bodies. Do NOT fear the fat, your body needs fat. So does your babe. Read this on INSULIN + FAT. Not to mention, fat slows down the absorption of glucose in your body. So if you eat a heavy carb/sugar meal, the fat in the meal will slow down how your body uses that energy, which is good. When insulin is panicked and rushed, it just sends that shit straight to fat storage. So eat some fat to avoid the sugar and carbs to be instantly STORED as fat. Really though, read this.

Then add some humanely raised meats.

Then some greens.

Then maybe some fruit or tubers (like sweet potatoes).

4. Watch your blood sugar and carb intake

If you are in your first trimester, tell me you don’t just want to shower in all the carbs. The carbs. All of them. Give them to me. Now. Fact. On days I indulged the urge to have a bagel in my first trimester, I felt terrible. On days where I ate some bacon and eggs, I felt amazing. No nausea, no nada. It really, really is my belief that your growing body and babe to be need GOOD fats. You may think you are in need of carbs, but try a dose of fat first and see if that does not help.  Think butter, eggs, avocados, bacon, and coconut anything!

Pregnancy cravings can be tough because you want to eat, you want to feed your babe, but when you do not satisfy the urge of whatever nutrient your body is actually looking for because you gave it a butter croissant, you will be hungry in like 30 minutes. Basically, insulin will tell your body to keep eating because our cells and the baby’s cells did not yet get what they needed. So we are constantly hungry whilst we are prego because we are serving lots of needs. If those needs are not met with REAL nutrients, you will gain more weight because your body will keep telling you to eat because it really really needs those nutrients. I know, short and confusing, but trust me, NUTRIENTS are number one. Read THIS.

What I am saying is listen to your body. If it craves a certain fruit, eat it. What I am not saying is that carbs are evil and should be avoided your entire pregnancy. I am saying, do not SHOWER in the carbs you crave. Try to eat the fats first. Try to eat more nutrients. You will feel better and ACTUALLY satisfy your cravings.

Fruit doesn’t have any sugar, yahoo! Okay. Fruit has sugar, just not table sugar. Some fruits have a lot of sugar. Even though your fresh squeezed orange juice has no ADDED sugar, it was born with natural fruit sugar in its little plump body, so your cup, too, will have sugar in it.

Ever down a glass of OJ and feel ravishingly starved in like 30 minutes?

P.S. Lately I have been eating dates on the reg to prepare my body for delivery! So good. My body also has been wanting oatmeal (maybe because it helps with breastmilk supply?) so I have been soaking oats and making oatmeal. Not all carbs are evil, you just want to be able to DIGEST THEM.

pretty pregnant lady

34 weeks + vitamin d

5. Don’t Use Cravings as an Excuse

Okay. I know you need a rice krispy treat, or a bowl of panda puffs, OR POP TARTS if you are me. But, you don’t need them every night, or even multiple times a week. I feel like some women definitely overdo it here. I am sorry, I know, I am totally a bitch for saying this. Yes you are pregnant, it is not a punishment that deserves a reward. Sure, you should totally reward yourself here and there. But if you hide behind the “Ah, I am pregnant, I will get back in shape in 9 months!” or the “I can’t wait to not be pregnant to start eating well!” mind frames, you will gain more weight than you will like. There is no better reason than growing a small child than to start nourishing your body. Start now.

Okay getting off my high horse.

Instead of indulging in crazy nightly cookies, or brownies or cake batter, whatever, give yourself a piece of dark chocolate, or a date roll every night. Treat yourself! But do it with something that will NOURISH you and your babe too. A note on treats, here.

Make these Treats:

Primal Donuts

Anti-Nausea Cookies

6. Walk. Everywhere.

I cannot stress this enough. Walking will not only prepare your pelvis and booty for delivery, but it actually helps you burn a lot of fat. AND it is therapeutic. AND it will help you from getting swollen and super uncomfortable.

Do some yoga. Workout how it feels good.

7. Relax. It’s gonna all workout.

Try your best to listen to your body for what it needs to be fed and how it wants to move. Feed it good foods and you will not gain a million pounds and feel like a gorilla.

Fact. Fat storing hormones INCREASE on our hips and buttocks when we become pregnant so that we STORE calories there to feed our baby in case a famine hits. TRUE STORY. Feeling fuller in your donk? You probably is a little. I am, FOR sure. But it will go away. I promise. Just enjoy them applebottom jeans and the boots with the furrrrr my friend.


All my love to you!

x to the ohhhh, Whitters

Pregnancy Anti-Nausea Nutrient Dense Ginger Chewy Cookies {grain free, primal, WAPF}

Whoa, so that was a mouthful of a title. Dude. I made these today for a recently knocked up friend of mine who feels like death on a stick. So good. I took a few recipes and made up my own so they are not perfect, but they are delightful. They are fairly low sugar, low carb, but not my usual keto low carb high fat-ness, so they actually taste really, really good.

The truth is, pregos and new mamas just deserve cookies. And these lovelies will make you feel better AND feel good about the fact that you are actually getting some wicked nutrition to your growing bump. Even if people ain’t gotta clue what’s under the hood. I hate those first few weeks of feeling like a marshmallow. Bahhh. Eat the cookie and tell everyone to eff off.

morning sickness cookies

These babies have a few of my favorite pregnancy things:

Ginger. A shit ton. And so good for that all day morning sickness crap.

Ghee. I am telling you, fat gets rid of the nausea. You want carbs, but I promise fat actually makes you feel better. AND lots of cultures have been using Ghee for years as a pregnancy super boost. Just eat the ghee.

Eggs. The perfect pregnancy food rich in choline for that baby.

Flax meal. High fiber, excellent source of Omega-3s, vitamin E, and B complex vitamins, and minerals such as: manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

Black strap molasses. I think this is a superfood – medicinal powerhouse.

“Blackstrap molasses has a low glycemic index. This means the glucose and carbohydrates are metabolized slowly, demanding less insulin production and stabilizing blood sugar. This results in less lipids or fats being stored in the liver while reducing your diabetes 2 risk factor.

Because of its high iron content, many use blackstrap molasses to holistically overcome anemia. Iron is essential to creating red blood cells. In addition to iron, blackstrap molasses contains folate, a natural source for folic acid, along with some other B vitamins, which all combine to form the synergistic mix that promotes red blood cell production.

Then there is magnesium in abundance, along with calcium. Magnesium is important for balancing calcium for bone production and energy. It is necessary for the smooth function of our nervous system. The mineral is essential to over 300 metabolic processes and the synthesis of almost all the other minerals and vitamins.”

Read more:

Oh, and did I mention, they are delightful? Okay here you go buttercup.

All Day Morning Sickness Cookies

Wet (mix first)

  • two eggs 
  • 1/2 cup nuttzo
  • 1/2 cup melted unsalted kerrygold butter
  • 1 teaspoon anise extract (optional)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 1/4 cup blackstrap molasses (could maybe even do 1/2 cup)
  • 4 inch piece ginger fresh grated

Dry (mix separately, then slowly incorporate into wet mixture)

  • ½ cup coconut sugar
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1 cup coconut flour
  • 2 tablespoons flax meal
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • pinch of salt
  • extra molasses, to garnish cookies

morning sickness cookies

Spoon out 1 tablespoon droplets onto a parchment lined or salpit lined cookie sheet, bake at 350 for 8-9 minutes. Allow to cool completely before removing from tray (I stick mine in the freezer for a few minutes). Add to plate and sprinkle with a little coconut sugar. Give to your favorite prego.



In other news, if you follow me on Insta (@eatcleanpissglitter, duh) you already know. BUTT, yesterday I discovered that you can add fizz (carbonated water) to Starsucks drinks! Yessss, uh-huh I KNOW. So I got a half green half passion fruit iced tea ADD FIZZ. NO sugar. SOOOOOO AMAZING. Pregos need two things: fizz and cookies.

x to the ohhhh


I don’t feel like moving my body at all.

Yo-ho, did you know I am preggers, again? If you don’t follow me on the insta, it’s time.

pregnant bump

I am almost 18 weeks now, and basically missed my entire first trimester. As in, I did not know I was pregnant. I just thought I felt terrible and exhausted all the time because I was finishing and releasing the book. When I went to the doctor for my initial 8 week appointment, I was way further than we thought. Whoops. Well, here I sit gestating and just trying to keep my head above water and thought I would share a few thoughts with you.

This pregnancy has been different than my last. I am tired, all the time. Queasy, most of the time. Have had headaches, almost every night. And I have no desire to workout. The only thing that feels good in my body is yoga. And walking. But even walking feels like a rough go sometimes. Some people say my symptoms are harsher because I am going to have a girl (which I have no idea yet). I say, maybe I am just tired from working, chasing a toddler and trying to look a little bit like a wife. In my first pregnancy, I found a way to sweat everyday and I loved it. Today, I do yoga and my body is tired for a day or two. Granted, the yoga classes I am taking are challenging and since I have not moved much in the last couple months my muscles are adjusting. But, it is rather hurtful.

wyn and mom

I am trying to take it all one day at a time, be patient and flexible with my body, and as always move in the way it feels good. I always preach listening to your body, so for now I am just practicing a taste of my own medicine. Mentally and physically I feel so amazing after stepping out of every yoga class, so for now, that is how I am going to roll. But I am curious, have any of the mommas out there felt this way? (Assuming you are a psycho-workout-or-die type of human like me, but even if you’re not.)

You know the truth by the way it feels.

Anyhooters, I hope you all are well. Once I get my groove back, I will be posting a bit more and trying to eventually post some bumpie vids. (Bumpie = bump selfie as coined by the amazing Kate of So Cal Runner Gal.)

pregnancy tips

#GutCheck Recipe: Ginger Spice Slice

Ginger Benefits

This is probably one of my favorite recipes featured in the three week Gut Check in Eat Clean. Piss Glitter! Well you should know first and foremost that I love ginger, ADORE GINGER. I am a ginger kid. It makes my tummy flatter, my liver so happy and I just feel alive when I eat/drink it in juice. So this little lady lovely is straight from my three week Gut Check that is wonderful to be consumed before or after meals to help soothe your tummy, and hopefully aid in digestion.

A small gingery warning: This recipe is NOT for the faint of heart. This is very spicy. If you would like it to be less spicy, I suggest slicing your ginger as THIN as possible and add a little filtered water.

Ginger actually has broad-spectrum antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-parasitic properties, to name just several of its more than 40 pharmacological actions (source).

A Few of the Many MANY MANY Benefits of Ginger

  • Anti-inflammatory – great to ease pain relief and wonderful for those with arthritis, headaches and even MENSTRUAL cramps
  • Ginger can potentially help fight cancer and diabetes
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar
  • Great for nausea, motion and morning sickness, and upset stomach
  • Boosts metabolism by temporarily increasing thermogenesis in your body
  • Fighting bacteria and infections


Ready to ginger up?

Ginger Spice Slice

Ginger Spice Slice

  • Juice of 3 lemons
  • One good 3-4 inch piece of ginger, sliced thinly into 1″ slices
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • A little bit of filtered water to cover the ginger
  • Add everything to a small mason jar and make sure the ginger is covered with liquid. Shake it up, enjoy a slice before each meal or whenever you need a little perk me up!
  • Good in the fridge up to a week. I like to make these beauties every Sunday to last me the week ahead

Hope you enjoy Ginger Spice!

x to the ohhhh Whitters

Post Pregnancy Body: My best tips for getting your body and mind back

My postpartum body and mind one year later.

If you know me at all you know how much I love my little monkey. If you are under my little wing and are one of the very few I really, really let in and see the shit ain’t nobody else wanna see… you know how much I really need to find balance in my life as a mom.


I think I am close but I am not sure if balance will ever totally exist 100% of the time.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but the day he was born I did not become his mom and let go of all the other things that made me me.

Those were and are things that make me happy, prideful and strong.

The point – I am still me 1 year later as a new mom, just hopefully better. Which means I still want to sweat, look good, feel good, write, create, dream and play.

So this is what I’ve really learned about myself and my body 1 year postpartum and these are the tips I would give to myself a year ago.

P.S. What I learned while I was preggo is here.


Patience is the answer and the goal. 

Patience mama. Those first few months can be so tough. Is he sleeping enough? Is he eating enough? Is this poop normal? Is that enough tummy time? Why do I still have a pooch? Why do my legs feel so weak?

You are going to google questions you never would have dreamt of before child, and that’s okay. Just remember, Dr. Google is not a real person and the opinions of forum members and bloggers will not be in your bedroom at 3 in the morning when he’s crying and you have to just figure it out. Your child is different, always trust your instincts and breathe through whatever it is you think is the right way.

Your body will bounce back if you give it time and treat it right. Just walk. Walk everywhere for a while. Make it a part of your day everyday, trust me you will look forward to that routine.

It gets easier each day, each week, each month, just breathe and trust sister friend.

You have to eat well. 

You already knew that. If you are breastfeeding, what you eat really matters. But again, you knew that. If you want your body back or an even better bod, you have to eat well. You have to eat foods your body can digest and use for fuel.

Eat well. Enjoy time in that kitchen, get your hubs or partner involved and cook your meals because guess what honeybear, you is gonna be spending A LOT of time at home this first year.

True story: The first two weeks after Wyn was born, hubs must have made me a BLT plus a fried egg everyday. I NEEDED THEM.

Cut out the crap.

I’ve been allergic to bullshit for a while now, but my tolerance level is officially zero.

Friendships are going to change for the better and I don’t want to say for the worse, but some will unfortunately change in ways you don’t expect. That’s okay. Sometimes people come in and go out of our lives because we needed each other in those moments and needed to do our own thing in others.

You officially have to be fiercely protective of your time with your family. Your family (you + partner + babe) come first. The rest can wait. You can be kind about this but you don’t have to apologize for putting them first. If something takes time away from them and it does not bring you happiness or income, break up with it.


Sweat with a goddam purpose.

Gone are the days when you would diddle daddle around the gym, check out this machine, check out the sauna, brave picking up the weights in the “bro’s only” section (you know, every gym has one).

You have to make the most out of the times you do get to sweat, but you have to make it a priority.

I have realized that I have consistently about 20 uninterrupted minutes to sweat at least 3 days a week. So in those let’s call it 60 total minutes a week, I kick my ass in what my old self would do in 60 minutes A DAY at the gym. I work quickly, I push hard, I don’t rest much and at the end of every workout, I want to fall down.

This honestly has not only made my workouts incredibly intense, but it allows me to really look forward to working out even more because it will be over so quickly and I FEEL my body getting better, stronger and looking mo bettah like! So kick your ass, mindfully a few days a week. NOT everyday.


You have to say what you want.

Out loud. Multiple times. Don’t hope he figures out what you mean by soooo what time will you be home? Tell him. And then when he asks if he can go golf, tell him no.

Okay, but compromise. He’s going through a lot as a new dad too. So although it’s all about you and the shit you are going through as a mom (he will never get it, he just won’t) remember that he too is adjusting. Just keep communicating and telling each other what you need.

Time is a gift. Free it up.

This is one that I still struggle with but definitely makes all the difference in the world. Like I said earlier, cut out the stuff that doesn’t serve you. And, accept help.

When someone offers to babysit, don’t shy away like ahhh no, that’s okay. Alright, what day? Friday? Perfect.

Luckily, my mom is a saint and gives me little breaks all the time ON top of granny nanny-ing a few nights a week when I work. Ask your loved ones for a few hours during the week or weekend so you can go to the gym, or like me park it at a coffee shop and get some work done.

Bonus hour – I will sometimes have Wyn’s babysitter come over just for 2-3 hours so I can get work done. Life changing. The best $30ish dollars I could ever spend.


Wake up earlier.

This is a tip from Gina. And it changed my life. You are going to be tired either way so you may as well give yourself an hour or two before the babe is awake to do whatever it is you need or want to do. I get SO much work done in the mornings while the world sleeps and there is no greater feeling than walking Wyn to the park for our morning sesh knowing I’ve already kicked some serious ass and taken names.

What you eat, he will eat.

Obviously true if you’re breastfeeding, but this becomes mindfully apparent when solids are coming into play.

There is no such thing as it’s okay if I have it and he doesn’t at least in my house. I want my son to know that we eat good foods and we enjoy treats. I just don’t want him to associate any guilt with food.

And if you have crappy “organic” junk food in your house for the babe, you will eat said junk food. Eat clean, enjoy treats together, don’t obsess over everything that he eats.


Take a breath and enjoy this year. It  goes fast.

With love and best wishes!

x to the ohhh Whitters

P.S. What I learned while I was preggo is here.

8 weeks, Janaury 25: Remember you’re prego?

Today I read this blog post and started crying. Correction, I read the first couple lines and then this and started crying:

“Remember that you’re pregnant. Your baby really does come first. And that doesn’t make you any less of a runner.”

I am so incredibly competitive with myself and I have a ton of emotional baggage about my body, so knowing I am prego and soon to grow a ginormous belly has is taking some getting used to.

I have a half marathon scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, and I had been training pretty intensely for it before my boobs started to hurt like a bitch, and my energy levels hit the floor, next thing you know, shorty got low low low low low low low low loowwww.

As I sit and type I am undecided whether or not I will run in 4 days.  This will be my 4th half marathon and I was on pace to set a new PR of under 2hours, butttt the way things are looking I don’t think I can hit that. To be honest I don’t know whose body will show up on Sunday, mine or the prego eggo.

I am in no way shape or form a control freak in my life, I am pretty easy going, my friends and family would tell you that as they planned my wedding among other things in my life. BUT when it comes to my body and feeling good, I am a freak.

I’ve been chubby, I’ve been thin-ish, and have finally found a place in my body where I feel comfortable in my own skin. So the fact that I have to let go of this 2 hour goal and maybe abandon the race drudges up fears of simply completely losing control of all else in my body and fitness.

Today I woke up to go for a run, and guess who wanted to walk instead?  The nugget currently the size of a blueberry harvesting within. So we walked. And this morning I felt okay about it.

I am beginning to realize the next 8 months or so will all be about accepting and just feeling okay about it. Remember you’re prego and need to shift a few things for something great to happen.

Namaste little nugget.