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#butterbooty Week 9!

Week 9 is here! Which means we have made it to the last few weeks of our challenge and have some fresh workouts to rock!

In these last few weeks, I really CANNOT stress nutrition enough. Keep eating good meats from healthy, humanely raised animals, greens, a little fruit and lots of water.

step ups

Eat when you are hungry. Drink when you are thirsty. Keep it simple.

I am so so proud of all of you. Keep kicking ass and leave your questions below.

#butterbooty Week 9

butter booty week 9


build 1 - 9


hiit that - 9

Wednesday – OFF or active rest day, which means a light walk, yoga, or a baby hike



build 2 -9

Friday – OFF or active rest day, which means a light walk, yoga, or a baby hike





burn - 9


#butterbooty Week 8

Hey y’all!  Welcome to week 8!

keto pudding


FIRST of all. This pudding is everything. (Primal. Delightful. Low Carb. AND the recipe is on my instagram.) Get on it miss #butterbooty lovers!

ALRIGHT. In other news. Congrats on making it to week 8!! Let’s discuss plateaus.

Fitness Plateaus

When you first start on a weight loss journey, drastic changes in your diet and exercise seem to drive drastic changes in your weight. Which, a lot of the time can be a significant amount of water weight that was previously trapped with your glycogen stores. When you have big drops of weight initially, it is immensely satisfying and ENCOURAGING. But then you get into your routine after weeks, even months and the weight loss slows significantly. This is actually a good thing. You really do not want to lose much more than 2-3 pounds a week, that is a very healthy form of weight loss. AND more importantly, when you are losing weight slowly, it means you are making SUSTAINABLE changes that you can hold onto. Sustainability and behavioral change is the ultimate goal here.

If you really believe you are doing everything right, and should be losing more weight here are few tips.

1. Track your meals for the next 3 days. Every single thing you eat, write it down. BE HONEST with yourself. And then after the three days, reflect on how clean and delightful your meals really are.

2. Take an extra rest day or two. Yep. Skip a workout. Let your body rest, recharge and then come back at the workouts in a few days with a vengeance. It is AMAZING what your body does when it just gets a little time out.  If you are over doing it, your body will become inflamed, possibly start storing fat and eating your muscle tissue, so take a break if you need to. A REAL BREAK.

3. Go to bed before 10pm all week long. No but really. Real change, real weight loss and real stress reduction happens in the bedroom. In more ways than one. 😉

4. Start adding more reps or weight to your movements. At the end of each workout you should competently be completing each movement, but it should be tough and you should be done and dusted by the end of it.

5. Listen to your body. Give it what it needs.

6. Fucking be nice to yourself. Remember where you started, acknowledge where you are and keep moving. Seriously my love, it is time for you to just accept where you are. Be at peace with it. When you fight your body, your body will win and you will likely be unhappy with the result.


But really, learn to be at peace with where your body is and thank it for everything it can and IS doing. For me, that is accepting that my body is growing a small child, and the fat on my hips and donk will feed that baby soon.  Is what it is buttercup. Oh and sprinting is so over for me. OH well!

KICK ASS THIS week! xoxox

week 8


Build 1


hiit  that

Wednesday – OFF or active rest day, which means a light walk, yoga, or a baby hike



Build 2

Friday – OFF or active rest day, which means a light walk, yoga, or a baby hike





burn baby burn


#butterbooty Week 5: NEW WORKOUTS!

We made it!


Congrats friends, you made it to week 5 of the #butterbooty challenge! ANNNNDDD you get new workouts! Yayyyy!

Keep walking. Keep eating good, REAL foods. Keep drinking water. Keep checking in with me, it’s just too fun to see it all!

Let’s go to work friends.

week 5 schedule


Build 1 Week 5



hiit that 5&7

Wednesday – OFF or active rest day, which means a light walk, yoga, or a baby hike



build 2 5&7

Friday – OFF or active rest day, which means a light walk, yoga, or a baby hike





burn baby burn 5&7





#butterbooty challenge: Week 3

We have arrived at week 3 of the #butterbooty challenge! STOKED!

Keep walking. Keep eating good, REAL foods. Keep drinking water. Keep checking in with me, it’s just too fun to see it all!

Let’s go to work friends.

butter booty workout schedule 3


free workout plan



free hiit workout



Wednesday – OFF or active rest day, which means a light walk, yoga, or a baby hike



Weeks 1&3 Workouts_Page_3


Friday – OFF or active rest day, which means a light walk, yoga, or a baby hike





Weeks 1&3 Workouts_Page_4

Sunday – OFF or active rest day, which means a light walk, yoga, or a baby hike

12 Weeks to a #butterbooty Welcome!

Yeeeoooaahhhhh!!! I am so stoked you are here! This is going to be A LOT of fun. Stick with it. Have fun. Be safe. Be smart. NOURISH YOURSELF.

Week 1 Workout:

First things first, you can get access to WEEK 1 of workouts via our Facebook group.


With me in the Facebook group + on INSTAGRAM for cool prize updates. Please use the hashtag #butterbooty when you crush workouts and eat good wholesome foods!

Foods + Gut Check:

If you’d like to cleanse your gut a bit the first couple of weeks, you can get access to my Gut Check via our Facebook group.

Food Tips:

If you do not want to do the Gut Check, I get it. No worries. I encourage you however to keep your meals as clean as possible for the next 12 weeks and by clean I mean: No processed foods. No junky meat. Good meat is great! Get rid of the sugar, or AT LEAST CUT BACK A TON.  Sugar is the enemy of fat loss. Invest in good proteins, high quality fats (butter, ghee, coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, etc.), and good in season produce! Try to cook the majority of your meals at home.


Water (a shit ton)

Kombucha (limit to 8 oz a day)

Tea (unsweetened as much as you’d like)

Coffee (your choice)

Coconut water (limit to 8 oz a day)

Alcohol (1-2 a week in moderation)

Facebook Group:

To get all the tips, recipes and WEEKLY workouts join us on the BOOK!

Workout Schedule:

Please be smart. I encourage you to take two days off a week and listen to your body. If a workout or a movement does not FEEL good in your body, then please skip it. Skip it without feeling even a trace of guilt. The schedule below is truly what works best for ME, so do what you need to do and be SMART.

butter booty workout schedule 1

Grand Prize and Weekly Prize Contest rules:

In order to be eligible to win the grand prize you must take a before and after photo at the beginning of the contest, and at the end and submit it to by May 22, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 or older to enter. (Please know I will NEVER share your photos without your permission.)

Before photo should be full front photo in a bikini or a crop top and moderate undies + a side profile in the same outfit.


We will be giving away Burger Lounge giftcards, copies of my book and lots of other fun stuff along the way so make sure you join our Facebook group and follow me on INSTA to stay in the know!! @eatcleanpissglitter!

Grand Salami! (Grand Prize)

Okay my friends. Keep in mind a few things: This challenge is completely and totally 100% free and meant to be fun, exciting and CHALLENGING. I only partnered with a few select folks who I geniunely adore with my whole heart. Other shit is just coming straight out my pocket, so holler, get stoked! THAT SAID, WOOO HOOOOO… The winner will receive the following:

Huge thanks to Burger Lounge for all of your support! Man, oh MAN do I love your food!!!

Burger Lounge Logo 102013

Did somebody Fart(lek)?

Fartlek: A new (old) way to run

Dude, did you fartlek today? I did. I fartlek-ed all over the neighborhood.

I am into sprinting and I miss running long distance now and then, but my old arthritic body just is not into running long distance all the time. She gets cranky, my feet ache for days and my hips just ain’t having it. So I’ve replaced my long runs with intense bouts of sprinting once a week or so.

half marathon plan

I used to run half marathons, and I have a great beginner’s training plan if you reallllyyyy wanna go there

But recently in my incessant search for information, I came across a term I remember from my long distance running days.

Fartlek. Which translates to speed play in Swedish.

Basically, Fartlek training is a way of running where you run a slow/jogging pace for a bit, then you pick it up for a few minutes, then you slow down, then maybe you sprint a bit. For you Type-A’ers this workout is tough. It’s not structured. You have to do what feels right in your body.

For example, today this is what my fartlek smelled looked like.

  • Jog for 5 minutes (comfortably)
  • Stride for 2 minutes (almost a sprint but not there yet, you are pushing your pace basically)
  • Jog for 5 minutes
  • Stride for 2 minutes
  • Jog for 2 minutes
  • Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Jog for 2 minutes
  • Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Jog for 2 minutes
  • Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Jog for 5 minutes
  • Walk home

I literally loved every minute of that run. It was tough, it flew by and by the end I was ready to walk and enjoy my day. I know I burned through some glycogen and hopefully hit some fat stores. I know that tomorrow my legs will need a break.

Benefits of Farlek Training

Fartlek training allows your mind and body to get accustomed to training at higher than normal levels. I felt this right away because after a stride or sprint interval in my run, I noticed my jogging period right after was definitely faster. This in turn can greatly your aerobic and anaerobic systems, mixing with different uses and needs of energy. This is awesome if you are looking to lose some weight too.

Mixes up the old boring runs. Challenges you to sprint in a different way. Not to mention it can improve athletic performance. Think about EVERYTHING you do in sport. It requires quick and intense bursts of energy. If you want to get quicker and more powerful, you have to train for that. Running long distance will get you in shape, but it won’t necessarily make you a better athlete.

fartlek training

I miss my running little TT

Fartlek a final word

I really like this workout. I am definitely going to add it into my weekly workouts. I think it will give me the need for cardio now and then, and scratch the itch to sprint my ass off.

Happy farting. Fartleking. Sorry. Too many puns.

x to the ohhh Whitters

run sneaks

P.S. If you are not following me on the gram machine, you totes missed double tapping my Kelly Kapowski hair today.

kelly kapowski




How to lose fat: Sprinting

Are you losing weight or are you losing fat? Are they the same thing? Does it matter? But really, how do I achieve fat loss, QUICKLY? Welcome to the truth about fat loss series. The entire series can be found here.


This week I have to explore my favorite activities I love to hate.

Sprinting your ass off.

Literally. Figuratively. All of the above. In my personal life and state of well being, sprinting is a weekly, sometimes more, requirement. I like to lace myself and the old Jackalope up (dog) and get some sprints in.

My favorite facts.

I used to be a half marathon runner (bahhhh, gag.) and then I realized it was not doing my body much good. Sure I was “lean” in a sense, but training for a half marathon is not a year long cycle I can maintain whilst having a life, career and raising a small child. I do however enjoy me a short little run here and there, and I love a good sprint session. The combo of the two (1 smallish run + 1 sprint session) somewhere spaced out in my week, ALONGSIDE my bodyweight workouts seem to do the trick. This combo helped me burn some serious mom chub after Wubbas was born. So here’s some deets.

Sprinting and HIIT intervals are superior to traditional cardio.

Sprint exercises which lasted a total of two minutes (sprinting 15 seconds on 30 seconds off) elicits 24-hr oxygen consumption similar to that of 30 min of continuous endurance exercise(1). Meaning you get more done, quicker and more efficiently.

A single sprint session can increase post-exercise fat oxidation by 75%. (2).

Fat oxidation = FAT BURN. And this is important because it takes WAY less time than traditional cardio, and is MUCH more effective than it as well!

Sprinting is good for your muscles and elicits rather rapid change in your body as a result.

Sprinting is Anabolic meaning it BUILDS muscle instead of eating away at muscles, which chronic cardio can do. Muscle = big fat burn.

Sprinting improves glucose control and insulin sensitivity. (3)

You mayyyy recall from my last post, I am insulin resistant and have a host of issues that follow that shit up. So I sprint my ass off.

So what does that all mean?

Sprinting = Fat loss.

BUTT. Before you start sprinting your ass off. There are a few things you should know.


You cannot sprint everyday.

For whatever reason we Americans find something that is good, or “works” and then we immediately abuse it. Sprinting does not work that way. You have to take your muscles to a very intense place in one workout, burning through glycogen (sugar + carbs) and then you HAVE to let your body recover. For however long it needs to recover.

This is where people get stuck. Rest.

Rest is as important as your sweat.

I find my sweet spot of sprinting once a week, sometimes twice if I am really feeling like I need the burn but usually one good sprint session and one mini-ish slow but steady run (like 10 minute miles for 3ish miles) are the only beats that hit my feets.

Can’t run?

Got some bad feets or hips or (insert injured limbs here)? You don’t have to do a traditional running sprint. You just need to complete some sort of movement that pushes you to maximum exertion. Whether you are doing sprints on a rowing machine, a swimming pool or running a hill, it is the pushing your body with maximum intensity while stripping energy (glycogen) out of your muscles that causes the positive changes such as fat loss.

Okay I am ready. Now…

  • Sprint your heart out.
  • At a distance/time and pace that exhausts you each sprint.
  • Maybe try it for like a 5 minute workout (see below for workout).

How often? 

Start with once a week. Beginner sprint workout below.

What I do in a week.

(THIS changes, but right now, this is what we is working with)

Monday – Usually bodyweight workout

Tuesday – Long walks.Sometimes I go for a smallish run.

Wednesday – HIIT THAT – Sprint session or intense form of interval cardio

Thursday – OFF

Friday/Saturday – Bodyweight strength workout (day changes depending on my body mood)

Sunday – I play or rest my ass off. Sometimes I go for a smallish run.

[hr color=”#ffeedd” style=”line” size=”1px”]

Sprint your fat off workout

sprint workout

Ready set, sprint!

5 ALL out sprints 

  • Warm-up 5 minutes light jog or jump rope
  • Sprint your ass off for 30 seconds
  • Rest for 30 – 90 seconds
  • Sprint your ass off for 30 seconds
  • Rest for 30 – 90 seconds
  • Sprint your ass off for 30 seconds
  • Rest for 30 – 90 seconds
  • Sprint your ass off for 30 seconds
  • Rest for 30 – 90 seconds
  • Cool down walk for 5 – 10 minutes

Feel free to modify this AS needed.

X to the ohhhhh Whitters

Fat Loss Series part I and part II.

Nerd on.

1) Hazell, Tom J., et al. “Two minutes of sprint-interval exercise elicits 24-hr oxygen consumption similar to that of 30 min of continuous endurance exercise.” Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab 22.4 (2012): 276-83.



4) 15 reasons to sprint.

5) Sprinting sheds body fat. Not cardio.

WOD: Full body kettlebell workout


4 rounds for time!

Ready, set, go!kettlebell workout

HIIT That: 20 minute full body workout


You can kick your own ass in less than 20 minutes. #sundayshredday
Kettlebell swings x 25
Kettlebell deadlifts to high pull to chin x 15
Squat to overhead press x 15
Assisted pull-ups x 10
X 3 rounds for time

Abs finisher
V-ups straight legs +
V-ups to split straight legs x 10
X 3 rounds

Stretch. Water. Death.


abs in your car!

This gallery contains 1 photo.

What you doin? In your car? Seat belt abs? That’s what I thought. Every stop light suck your belly button into your spine. Hold it as long as you can, relax, repeat, relax, repeat. I know I’m weird as shit. But it works. It engages your transverse abdominis aka the corset abs. And I’m out! #abs #gymanywhere #icombedmyhairtoday #eatcleanpissglitter #abworkout