Cheat meals + Cyclical Keto

So I have definitely discussed cheat meals before, some people cannot handle them, and some people, myself included, LIVE for them. I see them less as cheat meals and more like life enjoyment and balance. They are my treats, essential to me in order to stay on track, lose fat and not drive my husband insane. As I work my booty off trying to get in even better shape than I was before I got knocked up, I have embarked on a cyclical ketogenic journey, because for me and MY BODY, keto = fat loss + happiness.

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Cheat Meals + Cyclical Keto

I am doing a cyclical ketogenic diet for two reasons: One, it is wonderful for muscle gain and I have a LOT of strength to get back in this body of mine after the babe! AND two, I need to cheat. I need champagne and chocolate and the occasional quesadilla or BURRITO!

Y'all was loving this up on intstagram. Yes, I do eat junk.

Y’all was loving this up on intstagram. Yes, I do eat junk.

Benefits of Cyclical Keto

  • Keto-adaptation means your body switches to a fat metabolism; this is called the ‘Metabolic Switch’. Increasing Lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and decreasing Lipogenesis (accumulation of body fat)
  • Maximum muscle growth (muscle, in my humble opinion is the greatest fat burner and so important for your metabolism… Totes talk about this in my BOOK!)
  • Mental stability and knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel
keto fat loss

6 weeks postpartum + just a few pounds to go


Why I love being on a cyclical ketogenic diet

I literally cannot state the mental benefits of this way of eating for myself any clearer than Peter Attia already has in regards to his own occasional consumption of sugar:

What about the behavioral side? Well, I suspect there exists a different “frequency distribution function” that describes how often I could binge like this without resuming unhealthy eating habits in the long run.  If I had to guess, I think the threshold for recidivism is higher from the behavioral tipping point than it is for the physiologic one. In other words, habits matter. I can probably tolerate – physiologically – more sugar today than I can tolerate behaviorally.

For me, too, it’s not that my body cannot digest carbs, it’s that I emotionally and behaviorally cannot control myself. Even when I am not trying to put myself into ketosis, my diet is very low carb compared to the average folk.

Should you do a cyclical keto diet and/or incorporate cheat meals into your life?

Maybe. Maybe not. Cyclical keto for one takes practice. I would not recommend it if you have not already embarked upon your own standard ketogenic diet for quite sometime. But hey, do your research. These are my FAVORITE keto resources:

Dr. Peter Attia (so much science it hurts)

Reddit Keto science (Some a-holes, but also some great information)

Ruled.Me (Great articles)

The Keto App Blog (recipes)

As far as cheat meals go. Yes. Do it. But don’t think of them as cheats, think of them as enjoying life. Think of them as nothing more than a bean and cheese burrito on a Saturday afternoon, followed by 3 glasses of champagne, a wicked belly ache and sprints in the morning to shake that shit off. (Well, if you are psycho, like MOI!)

Stomach aches are NOT my jam

Stomach aches are NOT my jam

The takeaway. 

For me it works, for now. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know my diet she evolves with my hair. (Anyone remember the My Little Pony hair I had, before it was like a thing?) The big takeaway really is this: You have to give yourself a break in your diet. A reasonable break that makes you human, and apt to stick with a healthy diet for a lifetime, not a month. I feel the exact same way about fitness, the very very best workout plan you will ever find is the routine you actual stick to. You have to form habits. And then cheat on those habits when your body and soul need a break.

Bottoms up!


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  1. Amen to all that shit! BOTTOMS UP — and for me that usually means the bottom of a paper fro-yo cup. Cheers.

  2. I’ve actually only recently heard about this and wanted to learn more, thanks for posting and sharing those resources – going to check them out!!! Fat be gone! 🙂

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