How to Lose Fat: Become Less of a Food Snob


It’s true. I am a food snob. I am super, uber particular about the food I eat. If you are new here, read this to find out why.

eat cookiesBut, here’s what I discovered: When I let go of the rules, I let go of the fat that no longer serves me. Fact. When I trim the emotional fat, fat falls off my bones.

The fockkkkk she talking about? I am saying when I got rid of restrictions in my diet, I let go of the emotional attachment I have to food. In turn eating less, making good choices, indulging a little, being more satisfied and ultimately weighing less and being more healthy. I discovered this literally today in speaking a really, really ridiculously good looking friend of mine.

Said friend:

(While Teddy is eating one of her kid’s puffs’)

Oh this does have grains in it? Is that okay for the baby?


Yeah, even I EAT GRAINS these days.

Said friend:

Realllllyy? (With a look of, oh my god, you didn’t die?)


I know. Grains. Usually sprouted grains, but not always!

How insane is that conversation when you read it, let alone say it out loud? We speak the same batshit crazy hippie language, and there is no judgment.

salad porn

The point is my body is way more better like when I take care of it, and not emotionally taunt it with the things she cannot have.

This does NOT mean I am showering in Pop Tarts everyday.

This means, I have a mocha once a week-ish. (And, it’s from Little Lion Cafe, so it’s real milk with real chocolate, no other bullshit.)

This means, I eat grains, almost everyday. Usually sprouted, but sometimes not.

This means, I eat more carbs than I used to. (BUT when you compare my consumption of carbs with others, it’s probably still very very low carb.)

my hubs makes the best pasta

This means, I find myself eating less. Not on purpose, but because I listen to what my body wants/needs and serve it that. I am not opening the fridge nearly as much to plug some craving I cannot soothe on a restrictive diet.

This means, I broke up with keto. (I WILL ALWAYS LOVE THAT BITCH AND I WILL SEE HER AGAIN.)

This means, I never eat crappy meat. I just do not. I am almost a vegetarian to be honest. I eat meat possibly three times a week. Good, really good. I am talking humanely raised and organic unicorns.

love your body

Carbs. And my leanest self. Not perfect. But happy in my skin.

The point: I find it very dangerous for people to assume that their way of eating, their way of working out, their way of being healthy is the ultimate end all, be all. Your body is a miraculous vessel, she will change, shift, get better, get worse and your needs will change day by day, year by year. When you emotionally attach yourself to a way of being healthy to the point where it becomes a part of you that you defend to the death and tell everyone you know how they are doing it wrong, it could be time for a shift. Not to mention, what is that doing to YOU psychologically? It becomes crippling. When I am on a really strict diet, I loathe eating anywhere but my house and have envious rage over the things my hubs consumes. And THEN I binge. Because I cannot contain the rage. Yep. Welcome to my life.

rainbow fucking sprinklesSo, what I am really trying to say is this: Break up with whatever diet you are on, eat real food whenever possible (organic produce, really really good meat, high quality dairy, shit you know you CAN DIGEST) indulge when you see fit, enjoy your life and move on with your day.

With love!

x to the ohhh,


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  1. Cory says:

    I’m an old hippie dude who has stumbled upon your blog and I just wanna say kudos. I really enjoyed reading most of it. I’m a dude again so I didn’t get into all of it but… Gluten struggles, dietary troubles. Desiring green everything. Swedish, I get you. Peace hippie chick.

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