Green Beauty Hacks + Favorite Brands

Green Beauty Hacks

green beauty hacks

If there is one thing I have noticed about myself in the past few months it is that I am incredibly passionate about green beauty. Green beauty kind of goes hand in hand with eating well, taking care of your body, feeling wonderful inside and out, oh and giving a shit about the planet.

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Here’s the thing that I discovered on my path to green beauty which is ever evolving; green beauty products are difficult to find and you will spend a ton of money finding effective products if you do not have recommendations to go off of.

Fact. I have tried cleansing my face with only coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, BLEGH, made my own body whips, made countless masks, and gone weeks without makeup in the name of clear and radiant skin. Essentially I have bio-hacked my face in the realm of being green. So today I thought I would share with you my very favorite green beauty hacks. Because there is simply no greater accessory than beautiful skin. (That sounded WAY less lame in my head though.) And there is nothing less glamorous than trying a DIY face mask that stains your skin and gives you a rash. YEEEE! BEEN THERE. Allow me to save you some agony.

Two disclaimers before diving in:

Numero uno – I have good skin genes. My mom has great skin AND she taught me how to have great skin. My brother on the other hand suffered from some wicked acne! So gene expression, luck, who the F knows. What I do know is that my half Swedish/Norwegian and half mutt gene pool gave me some nice skin. But, it is incredibly, incredibly sensitive. IE I will get hives if someone washes my clothes in Tide. I basically need Baby Detergent. Oh, and this is my favorite detergent of all time, if you give a shit. It is literally the best smelling detergent ever in the history of man without being full of crap.

Numero dos – Anything I link to on this page I will receive an itty bitty buy me cappuccino in 5 years type of commission with. And, I did get into bed with one company in particular I really believe in, but more on that later. Please know, that I am super super selective with the companies that I work with. I have turned down many brands that wanted to pay me for content, simply because I would personally never consume their products. SO, anything I point you to, I actually use, would use or would give to my family.

My Top Green Beauty Hacks

organic beauty products

Wash your face every night before bed

My mom told me once that your skin ages 20 days for every night you go to bed without washing your face. I have no idea how accurate this is, but I have washed my face AND flossed my teeth, may I add, every night before going to sleep since about age 12 I want to say…

Old Wives Tale: Warm your face up with warm water to open the pores, wash and get the shit out, and then rinse with COLD water to close the pores back up. My college softball coach’s momma taught me this one, and at 80 something, this gorgeous woman had GORGEOUS skin. So, that’s how I wash my face every single day.

Exfoliate at least once a week

This one is totally new for me and I really, REALLY think it has made a difference in my skin in the last year I would say. You could buy a scrub to do this, you could make a scrub, you could use a hand towel. You just really want to get rid of dirt and old skin as much as possible so your skin renews itself. (<< Holy shit, does L’oreal need any copywriters? I sound like an advertisement.)

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. If you want soft supple skin, lather yourself in toxin, chemical free moisturizer. For a really long time I only used coconut oil. Now, I use Weleda and beautycounter as my daily moisturizers, and I am feeling supple my friend. Supple.

Oh and moisturize your decolletage. Your decolletage is basically your neck down to your chest. DO it. Fun fact: I once wrote all site content for a major pharmaceutical grade skincare line, and you would not BELIEVE how much money they make off of their decolletage products. Everyone neglects it.

Beauty Tip: Add moisture to your skin BEFORE you moisturize. I like to spray my face with some sort of hydrating flower water, like rose, lavender or jasmine water, and then I add the moisturizer. It just really helps you sop up the delightfulness.

Less is more

green beauty girl

Wear less makeup. I really do not understand the contouring game. I could not do it if I tried. I legit watched about five how-to do a cat eye vids on the YouTube before finding a trick I can actually master. And by master I mean I do it when I wear eyeliner which is not often. And by not often I mean once a month-ish?

The more makeup you wear particularly if it is full of chemicals and crap, the more your skin will suffer. It just will. I love natural beauty, play that up. You know who else does? Every man I have ever met. I will ask my best friend the lesbian what her opinion is here, too. (<< Fact: Lipstick Lesbians have the best nicknames in my opinion. I am sure it can be considered offensive, but if I were gay and someone were to be like oh yeah, Whitney, she’s a Lipstick Lesbian, for sure, I would be like yeah I dig that.)

The only makeup I wear basically everyday is this

  • Tinted Moisturizer (beautycounter) or BB Cream (pacifica but the coverage is not as good)
  • Mascara (pacifica, but I need a new one, I don’t love it)
  • Blush (inika)
  • Eyebrow (beautycounter)
  • Lip balm (coconut oil and I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s peppermint one they made)

If I have a business encounter or a date, I will add foundation, MAYBE concealer, lipstick and POSSIBLY liquid eyeliner but no promises.

Experiment with masks

When my skin needs some love, I love to make my own masks. Masks are like my former secret singles behavior that I now just shamelessly rock at home in front of the hubs. I think they are effective, but they will not be a solution if the rest of your beauty game is crap.

charcoal maskMy favorite masks are these:

Start thinking Inside Out

If you eat like shit, your skin will look like shit. There actually is no way around this. BUT, I will say, up your consumption of fermented foods and bone broth if you can hack it. Why broth? Bone broth contains collagen which creams like to tout, but it’s a pretty dirty rumor that your body cannot absorb collagen topically. Why fermented foods? Probiotics. Probiotics are amazing for the bacteria that haunts your skin.

Now the only problem I have in self-experimentation is that I do not control for variables. So in the last three years or so I have really gone really green in my beauty products, and in the last 6 months I have REALLY upped my consumption of fermented foods and tonics. Like my beloved beet kvass which I have every single day, twice a day. My skin has never been better. Neither has my waistline, YEAAOOW!!

Find brands you love and support them

organic beauty products

Dude. There are some bad green brands out there, meaning you could end up looking like a drag queen who just took the first stab at doing her own makeup, not yet a Geish, without a dragmother, and who does not know the first rule about cooking her makeup. Translation = you is gonna look busted.

So, I have had some great brands and some bad, bad ones. The brands I love are

  • Pacifica BB Cream Lipstick
  • Bare Minerals liquid foundation (mixed reviews on their greenness and ethics, I have heard)
  • Inika (Concealer, Blush and Mineral Powder for a super night out)
  • And finally, the brand I am in bed with: beautycounter.

A while ago a friend of a friend gave me a little sample of beauty counter and I was instantly drawn in by their packaging. Flawless. Ingredients. Flawless. Conscious. Having been asked to try Nerium a million times and HATING the chemicals they use and knowing about 16 million people who sell beach body, I was really reluctant to even try the product. I was like, blegghhhh I already have a jar of coconut oil, essential oils, yogurt, and a few hippy brands I love, I don’t need shit! But, then I tried it, fell in love. Ran out of my sample pack and decided I needed more and needed to share it with the world. So, now I guess I am a consultant, meaning yes, you can buy this shit from me. But I would prefer to call myself a green beauty hustler, so that is the title I am going to give myself.

beautycounter faves

  • Tinted Moisturizer
  • Lipstick in nude
  • All facial care products. Literally all of them. I will have them all.

my beautycounter page

And, onwards. Those are my hacks. Those are honestly my favorite brands. And if you have a favorite mascara can you let a girl know because I have yet to find THE one.

P.S. If you give a shit about eating organic real food, you should start giving a shit about using real beauty products on the largest organ of your entire body. (Chelsea, the self-proclaimed hypocritical hippie, I am looking at you, bitch. Put down the Chanel, and walk away, slowly.)

x to the ohhh,


3 Responses to Green Beauty Hacks + Favorite Brands

  1. Lauren says:

    I have a mascara for you. Tarte’s gifted amazonian clay smart mascara. It works and I feel better about using it bc its a 3 on the EWG app skin deep. My old mascara was like a 10!!!! and this performs just as good!

  2. Liz J says:

    Side boob! Haha. Love this entry – I’ve referred to it a few times already and beautycounter is just about to get rolling in Canada, so you know Imma check it out. xoxo

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