If I Had A Christmas List…

Here are just a few fun gift ideas for that weird girl in your life who puts butter in her coffee, obsesses over groceries, considers sweat to be therapy and also loves a good lipstick. Yeah, no, this is all the shit I would adore.

These are a few of my favourite things.

gift guide

1. This. Glitter. Maxi. Skirt. 

Beware, you are about to DIE.

2. Boots, like TT says, these would be my Shit Kickers

So. Good.

3. Insanity 30

It is no secret that I ADORE Shaun T. He is bananas, yo. I loved doing the first round of Insanity a few years back and I still will pop in a DVD when I don’t want to create my own workout. But let’s be real, I also adore his abs. I don’t even care what team he plays for. Abs are abs are abs.

4. These Teeki Pants

She cray.

5. Faux Fur Jacket

Baby, it’s cold outside.

6. This Ridic Yoga Mat

She’s pretty.

7. Rose Gold Watch

I have wanted one for years.

8. White Leopard Nikes (9.5 if you want to know my shoe size)

Die. I just. Die. I am dead.

9. Squatty Potty

It is exactly what you think it is. It is an embarrassment to my husband, but I could careless. I want it. I need it. It helps you go. Psst, someone actually posted a before and after of their “go” with and without the squatty potty. YEP.

10. Evan Healy Skincare Kit 

I ADORE this skincare. It is super, super natural and it actually works.

11. Mumm

Black. OR Rose.

12. Mala Beads

Tiny Devotions creates the most beautiful mala, and this little beaut would do me well this year. 🙂

13. iPhone Tripod!

For my workout vids, duh.

14, Glitter Shift Dress

What’s a gift list without a glitter shift dress? I mean, right?

15. Nourishing Traditions 

I actually own Nourishing Traditions for babies. I have only borrowed this book from friends and the library. But, it really is a great resource for the wanna be primal/paleoish beezy on the verge.

16. Shaggy Faux Fur Vest


17. Pete’s Paleo Weekly Food


18. Candle. 

I die for this candle. Heaven in my nose.

19. Black Trench Coat


20. Red Lipstick.

‘Tis the Season.

21. Hudson Jeans

I, just, need these.

22. Babysit Wubbas.

Soooo we can have a night off.

Ohhhh and last but not least….

eat clean piss glitter

23. This Amazing Book 

I heard it was REALLY good. 😉

Happy and Healthy Holidays Y’all!

x to the ohhhh


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  1. I have a squtty potty and we love it! So helpful!

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