Keto Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream

I know I already mentioned that I am OBSESSED with this new keto ice cream creation. But I’ve had lots of requests for the recipe so this post is dedicated to you my sweet sweet love. And it’s haute as balls today in San Diego so this should refresh your jets.


La Recita – Chocolate Coconut Keto Ice Cream

  • 1/2 cup of full fat coconut milk from the can (skip the carton stuff too many fillers and crap you don’t need)
  • 1 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa or cacao powder
  • 1 tbsp of organic heavy whipping cream (optional makes it whip it and creamy real nice like)
  • Whip it up for 2 minutes and place it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes more if you want it frozen less if you want it like pudding
  • If you are not worried about your carb intake or spiking your insulin levels you could add a tablespoon of some stevia or honey (I personally don’t go for Agave, I think it’s corn syrup disguised as health with a high glycemic load, but we’ll talk about that ish on another day)



Side note.  This is my favorite hat and the face my husband decided to marry.  Rumors are true, I love motor boating. Like I love it.

Happy Thursday chumps! Manana is Friday which means you get to sit at work and pretend like you’re working! HOLLERRRR

x to the ohhhh Whitters

P.S. Jackalope says he loves you though he is very tired from our hike with Piko and February.


6 Responses to Keto Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream

  1. adie says:

    THANK YOU(!!) for this recipe. It has been a lifesaver more than once as I start my keto journey because I am so tired of any medication associated with PCOS. I have made it into a smoothie for an ‘omg I don’t have time for a keto breakfast’ morning and I delight in experenting with different flavors (ie hazelnut vanilla). I wanted to share my recent favorite in case you find it as wonderful as I found this recipe. Sub vanilla extract for the cocoa powder. Top with a recipe I found in Keto Clarity for chocolate magic shell topping, involving unsweetened chocolate, coconut oil, and water ( I used heavy cream) melted in the microwave and then poured on top. It tastes like one of those vanilla ice cream bars with the chocolate shell on it!!

  2. Am says:

    Hey… What did u mean by “spike your insulin” with stevia? Does stevia spike insulin? I have the granulated stuff woth no fillers (like maltodexrin or dextrose) and i have a pure liquid 0 carb version, i also have liquid saccharine which i try to never use cuz that stuff is rat poison… But its 0 carb and 0 calorie… So would any of these options work to keep things keto friendly?

    • says:

      I’ve read some stuff that sweet stuff can actually induce a Pavlovian type response and makes you secrete insulin. So I am just very cautious with it. Still needs further research!

      • Geoffrey Levens says:

        Erythritol has no effect on insulin nor blood sugar. Its only down side (along with the caloric sugar alcohols) is that it may temporarily weaken tight junctions between epithelial cells, effectively creating short term “leaky gut”. Likely no big deal if used moderately and occasionally though I would not use it daily

  3. nadia says:

    I will try this, but stevia is the better of the sweeteners because it is natural, they say to use the liquid one though. Do not use splenda has carbs in it.

  4. cindy Sessaman says:

    o’k. I just made this, and its in the freezer. It was still pure liquid, after I whipped it. Is it suppose to be?..I was thinking it was gonna whip up like whipped cream.

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