My Favorite At-Home Gym Equipment

Here’s the thing, bodyweight workouts are my jam. You know this already. But, if I could only pick two pieces of equipment to have at home or in my car for a makeshift gym anywhere, it would be these two bad boys. Oh, and actually I DO own them and they are actually the ONLY pieces of equipment I own besides this rockin’ vessel. Heyooo. See what I did there?

Number One



There are thousands of exercises you can do with a kettlebell. It’s really the only weight I ever add to my workouts. Occasionally you will see me mess around with dumbbells, but I find them to be dumb. Not to say they are pointless, they just bore me. My favorite two movements are the kettlebell swing and the deadlift. Think: booty, booty, booty.

My favorite move is the classic kettlebell swing, but I also love doing RDLs with a kettlebell and just adding it in where I see fit.

P.S. If you DO NOT know how to do a kettlebell swing, ask a personal trainer AND watch this video from Tim Ferris.

At home kettlebell workout in 20 minutes! Go for four rounds:

kettlebell workout

Number Two

Ab Roller

Boom, you got $10 and an amazon prime account? Boom, you got abs. This legit in my mind feels like an infomercial, but dude, this thing is effective. Not only does it activate big and small muscles in your core, including my fave the transverse abdominis, it also forces you to stabilize your shoulders, giving your entire trunk an effective, ab loving, see you this summer bikini workout. You dig?

As GHETTO as this thing looks, it is MONEY. Ab Shredder, braugh.

ab roller

love your body

Bloated after lunch but fell back in love with myself, recently.


Honestly friends, that’s ALL the equipment I need. Well, strike that, I would LIKE a pull-up bar just as much as I would LIKE to do a pull-up unassisted.

Hey PS did you see my Workout of the Week?

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