Nerdy Book Club: My favorite health books

So I actually decided to write this post per a question I received on the Instragram machine! I love to read anything nutrition science and even movement science related. I gobble them up like some 1980s dirty Danielle Steele type shit. I love it. If I could read a book a day, I would. I usually average about 2-3 books a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Reading helps me sleep. Reading helps me get some vitamin D. Because as much as I post selfies of myself bronzing on the reg, I actually really do not enjoy laying out. My mind thinks of about 600 other things I should be doing. But, if I read and sun, it’s like a goddam trifecta: Vitamin D, knowledge and tan fat which we all know looks mo bettah than white fat. (I know some of you wanna punch me for that one, but we all have our issues, so let me lay down on your couch for an hour and talk about mine.)

Without further babbling, here are my most favorite nutrition books of all time.


nutrition readsBest Nutrition Reads:

The Eating Academy – BLOG by Dr. Peter Attia

Yeah, this is absolutely not a book, it’s actually a textbook blog. I have learned more from Dr. Peter Attia than all years of science classes in my whole life, combined. For two reason, one I am intensely passionate about nutrition and what it does to and for our bodies. And two, you all know I am obsessed with Senor Attia, but really. He is pretty brilliant and ridiculously humble. Which, is so necessary but RARE in the world of nutrition science. You will take away knowledge and thought from his posts. You will not have been dealt an elitist opinion. Enjoy.

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Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It – Gary Taubes

So, Gary is actually Dr. Attia’s partner at NuSI. Familiarize yourself with their organization if you do indeed have any passion for nutrition science. Gary is a little more in your face that you should avoid carbs, or at least find your carb intake threshold, but the man is a brilliant investigative researcher and journalist. He may have a point of view, but he is honest and has the extensive research to support it.  I loved this book, have now read it 3 times, and go back to it when I am bored here and there.

His first book was meh, I think he realized he needed to add a little emotion to his cause.

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4 Hour Body – Tim Ferris 

Oh Tim. You were my very first nutrition and exercise crush. I love Tim because he basically encourages you to hack your own life so that it fits best for you. I really like his approach for someone who is just starting on their health journey. He himself has even said that he thinks his way of eating is a gateway to Paleo. I would agree. Not to mention, he writes the book in a style that allows you to get the exact information you need from it, quickly without having to read cover to cover. I particularly like this book for men, I am not 110% convinced it is the right approach for women, but helpful nonetheless.

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How to Eat Move and Be Healthy

Oh, I love this hippy, geeky, let’s save the world and our bodies read. Way more boring than the others, but super informative stuff. It even has poop illustrations. So, yeah.

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Nourishing Traditions

I wouldn’t be a primal bitch if I did not have this book on my list. And it is amazing, without question. The information and recipes in this lovely were initially mind blowing to me. And I really think every household needs a copy.

Now, I know I might get some hate mail for this, but I have to comment on this one thing. This book and the Weston A. Price movement tends to be a bit fear based. As in, if you do not follow this approach you are poisoning your children and you will die, soon! I don’t in anyway shape of form believe that this was the intention of the authors or even the cult following it now seems to have (I should mention, I am in a private San Diego forum devoted to this, and I love it!), but I do with my whole heart believe in balance and moderation.

Yes, we should aim to feed our children the most wonderfully prepared, humanely raised, and nourishing REAL FOOD as possible, but there will be times they will eat an oreo. And it is not going to kill them. And they may not get anything fermented in their bodies for months, and I promise, they will still be okay. So I guess my plea is, read this book, learn more about the Weston Price Foundation, because it is absolutely amazing and is the exact way of eating I follow and try to feed my family, BUT I am so far from perfect, and that too is totally okay. Doing your best is enough.

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Staying Healthy with Nutrition (this is basically a textbook.)

I cannot read this fast enough. It is kind of a little fear based as well, but SO MUCH great information. It’s a textbook. Really. A textbook that may forever live on my coffee table.

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Eat Clean. Piss Glitter. – Whitney Benjamin (<< DUHHHH)

I mean, come on. It basically incorporates all of the above reads and information in one short, lovely and sarcastic story. I did all the research and geeking out for you. You just need to be entertained and read a little. Fact: Every single person who has emailed me about the book, no joke, tells me they read it in one – three sittings at the most! Do it.

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Next up on my reading list:

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