Officially Obsessed with Activated Charcoal

It’s official, activated charcoal and I are in a very serious relationship. Brace yourself, this is basically an infomercial for activated charcoal. No this post is not sponsored by activated charcoal, but I do receive like the itty bittiest compensation from Amazon as an affiliate if you buy this ish. But that is not why I am sharing this with you. I am sharing this with you because charcoal has basically taken over my entire beauty regimen. I already loved my activated charcoal when my immune system is in need of a boost (check out all my hippy healing shit here). And then I started using it to brush my teeth. Which whitened my teeth and blackened my tooth brush. And then I started using it to wash my face. My life is basically soaking in activated charcoal.

In short, because of its ability to bind to toxins and other materials, activated charcoal can help to remove discolorations and stains on the teeth, help your immune system, reduce inflammation and clean your pores!

Activated Charcoal = My favorite beauty product ever

Literally, whatever use they find for activated charcoal, I am game.

activated charcoal faceactivated charcoal face

 Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

The toothpaste is wonderful because it is actually a natural toothpaste that works, whitens and freshens your breath. I have tried about 6,789,904,890,000 natural/organic/”good for you” toothpastes, and they are all terrible. My teeth do not whiten, if anything they yellow a bit. Making me reach for the Colgate whitening I know makes my teeth shine bright like a diamond. So on the one hand I am bleghh, chemicals! And on the other I am like, hey good lookin’ your teeth are on fleek!

I digress, but the point is, I am not sure I will ever buy another natural toothpaste ever again. I am in love with my charcoal and black brush. (Though, problem solved I just ordered a black comb toothbrush. Look whose all murdered out now.)

activated charcoal toothpasteactivated charcoal toothpaste

Activated Charcoal Face + Body Bar

Okay. So I don’t feel right screaming from the rooftops on this one because I actually for the most part have had good skin my whole life. Maybe because my mom and my grandma are both so effing gorgeous and blessed. But I do, love, love love this soap for my face and this scrubber thing to get into them pores. My skin feels so amazing every time I use it. Every. Single. Time. Baby’s bottom.

(Not pictured, but you can find it here.)

Activated Charcoal Pills

When my immune system is feeling compromised, I pop these mo-fos like Tic Tacs. And, I also crack them open to make masks, in grown hair spot treatments and bug bite salve!  Check it direct it.

activated black charcoal pillsactivated black charcoal pills

charcoal mask


Stupid. Easy. Cheap. Charcoal. Mask.

  • 1 activated charcoal pill cracked open for the powder
  • 1 teaspoon of filtered water
  • Mix, spread, wash away! PS Wash this off in the showeerrrr! Shit gets real messy.

Activated Charcoal Lace Thong

Pssychhheee. Unless someone told me it did something amazing for my cooter or something. I can’t say never. I can’t drink the charcoal yet… But we will see.

x to the ohhhh, 


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  1. I so appreciate you not giving the charcoal all the credit for your insanely perfect skin. And your honesty made me all, click click boom. Purchased and on the wayyyyyy. Thanks, amazon.

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