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review! baby knows best :: an intro to first foods

You may remember the lovely Carley of Oh Baby Nutrition from my previous post of her. If not, take a gander, she is amazing. I love literally anything she touches because she does so with knowledge, compassion and beauty. Beauty in that everything she creates is really well done AND thoughtful. So, I have been STALKING her for the release of Baby Knows Best (an intro to first foods), and it is FINALLY HERE.

Here’s the thing, I received it in my inbox today, already read through everything and watched the video, and again I am SO impressed. Carley, you have my heart.

And, you should know I am not receiving any type of compensation for this post. She gracefully gifted me the guide and is so kindly offering all of my readers.


intro to solidsWhat I loved

  • Super easy to read
  • Relatable
  • Beautiful to look at
  • Her voice is wonderful and soothing on the video
  • The 40-minute video explains SO SO much and so well done
  • An amazing place for ANYONE to start regardless of your food knowledge, beliefs, etc.
  • She makes you feel like you are simply evolving your baby, and not shaming you for whatever you may have previously believed
  • She makes a SUPER compelling case for baby led food weaning

What I want more of

  • All of her recipes
  • One on one time with her (I want to be her real life friend. If I lived in Vancouver, I would just sit at her house and raid her fridge.)

baby food weaningBaby Led Food Weaning

What is it? Exactly as it sounds, the baby is in charge of eating food as he/she is ready. Baby eats what you eat, basically. You want to avoid purees and allow the baby to eat a mixture of soft finger foods. ALL OF WHICH, Carlie explains beautifully in her guide. We do actually do some purees with Teddy bear, but for the most part, he eats what I eat.

“In short, Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is skipping thin and runny purées and not feeding your baby with a spoon. Baby Led Weaning means offering your baby (age appropriate) foods that are soft-cooked and cut or mashed into small easily manageable pieces.” (source)


intro to solid foodsBottom Line

If you are pregnant, want to have babies, have a small baby who will soon be thinking of solids, you need this guide in your life. Purchase it, download it, save it and thank me later. I really, really, REALLY wish I had this when Wynston was born. We did not do the baby led food weaning way of eating, and he is the PICKIEST man you ever did meet. Teddy on the other hand is 8 months old and will eat basically anything, ANY GODDAM thing you put in front of him.

Carley is being super generous and gifting my readers 10% using the code “glitter” at checkout. Friend, her guide is worth it full price. And then some. Trust me, solid foods are more daunting than breastfeeding or even sleep training, when you are clueless. Get her guide.

babies know best

an intro to first foods

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baby led food weaning

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